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Dynamic Streets for safe futures.

We use it almost every day, it keeps us safe from street traffic, shows us the way, but we don’t pay enough attention to one of the most essential parts of our urbanised world, namely the sidewalk. Italian architect Carlo Ratti and Sidewalk Labs joined forces and knowledge to build a dynamic street. Their mission was to increase the usefulness of paving by giving it more functions, controlled by the variables of the environment.

DYNAMIC STREETS, is a modular paving system, to make streets “reconfigurable, safer and more accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and the self-propelled vehicles of tomorrow”. The modular system can be modified, e.g. extra space for pedestrians after rush hour. The lights warn of danger, point to specific zones or serve changing targets when needed.

Why Humanized Tech: This concept is what we call innovative with a human focus. It increases safety, usability and changeability with a focus on different human and environmental needs. In addition, it makes a city more livable and offers perspective for lack of space. It therefore has an enormous positive impact on its users.